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that moment when you realize you now post monthly

because it seems like that's the rate I'm going at right now, and the only reason I'm even making this post is for shameless promoting for my new tcg, because I'm looking for staff~ so if you're interested, head on over here!

also, I know I did that christmas request thing and I never got around to any of them, which I apologize for but when I posted that, I was in an icon-ing mood and shortly after, that mood went away orz so maybe one day in the future it'll be done, but right now it's not ;___;

in other news, I still like KPOP lmao. I think I'm getting into it more now though or really just more into cnblue and you can definitely tell by what my tumblr consists of lately yes that was another shameless plug so sue me...... but guess what? turns out, that CNBLUE may be having a concert in L.A. except wait, I can't go because I live in Canada and it's not even on a holiday or school break so even if I was allowed to go (which I'm not BTW), I still wouldn't be able to because the chances of my mom letting me skip school for any reason besides being sick is like, 5% /sobs

also also also!!!!!!!! come bother me on twitter! I check it a lot during school and when I'm at home, so it's a good way to contact me~ I sign into AIM a lot these days too even if I'm lurking on invisible so drop me a message at dearmykeysx! just tell me who you are so I don't think you're justin bieber im looking at you gil

sdjalksdjkasljd so im still boring as always, watching korean variety shows, tumblr-ing, and doing tcg things in between all while not failing school LIKE A CHAMP and it's still cold. like, it was warm last month and now it's freezing? also throw in some snow and rain and you get canada so please get your shit together, mother nature i cant deal with all this right now

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remember when there was a time that I posted once every few days...

now it looks like my last post (not including the holiday request post) was made in November and that I post a monthly-basis now? orz anyways, now I'm semi-back because I don't know when I'll write another post next...

since the last post, I've kind of lost a little interest in anime/manga and gained interest in KPOP. I still love anime and manga and in fact had a spaz attack this past weekend when I found a Japanese bookstore filled with anime and manga things but right now, I'm really into Korean music groups like miss A, T-ARA, SNSD, FT Island, and CNBLUE my current bias. so if anyone has suggestions, tell me!! I have some 2NE1 and 4minute albums downloaded to my computer that I've only listened to once, so I might give those another listen to see if I like any of them xD

I also just came back from a New York City day trip where we left Friday night, arrived in New York Saturday morning, left Saturday night and returned Sunday morning. Let me tell you, sleeping on a bus is not very comfortable especially when the person in front of you reclines their chair so far back that it barely gives you any room to move if you don't want to kick their chair/etc. and I'm the type of person who moves around a lot while sleeping, and can't stay in the same position for too long. think about how that worked out for me.............

other than the bus trip and the weird sleeping hours (we had pit stops every 2 hours, arrived in NY and home on the way back both around 6am), everything else was fun! I did a lot of shopping and came out with some new shirts, sweaters, a pair of black pants that I desperately needed, socks, a new pair of UGGs to replace my worn down 4-year old ones, at least 2lbs of candy OTL, and some other things that I can't really remember right now... the one thing that sticks out in my mind though, is a Japanese magazine I bought at that bookstore I mentioned earlier because not only was it $15 (790 Yen), I paid for it to get like, the 5 pages that had CNBLUE on it and the poster it came with. BUT I HAVE NO REGRETS~~~

whenever I go to NY with my mom, we always try new restaurants and yesterday was no exception! for breakfast, we went to this place called Juniors in Grand Central Station. It was decent. xD for lunch, we were in Bryant Park for a Holiday Shopping Festival-thing and we had really really god dumplings and noodles. they were so good, my mom and I had 8 dumplings each (4 being shrimp, and 4 being pork) and I ate all the teriyaki beef noodles. for dinner, we went to a place called Heartland Brewery (I think) and their burgers were GOOD. mine only had cheese and bacon on it w/ketchup, but it was good. or maybe it was me just thinking it was good because when I'm hungry, I think everything tastes like the best thing in the world.

and uh, I was going to write more but then my mom came into my room with food and since I finished eating it, I forgot what else I was going to say.... OH about the Holiday Requests! I think I had icons to make for akise for yesterday but I had forgotten that I was going to be in New York when I made the post, so those will come with the next few gifts since I want to them weekly. sorry!!♥
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so...when was the last time I posted?

I feel like it's been FOREVER but uhm, it's probably only been a few weeks? OH WELL. Not much has changed; school is still draining me, college/university applications are scaring me, my birthday party is coming up (although it's changed in location), and I still love utapri.

In terms of school, I think I've decided to try and apply for colleges for Fashion Arts. I recently found these programs and they sound really cool because it's like part business and part fashion, which really appeals to me. And because I never considered college until a few days ago, it's kind of overwhelming with learning about it and the application process for it. Good thing I was able to go to the application seminars at school today for them, or I'd be really lost..... Although applying for college seems so much easier and less scary than applying for university xD and there's really not much at university for me right now so I don't even know if it's worth paying like $125 for 3 university applications when I don't even know if I want to go/if I even have enough options...

If you've been following me on Twitter or if I mentioned it somewhere else, you might've known it was my birthday on the 5th! I didn't ask for much this year besides Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and a new phone which I both got! The phone is so pretty, I think I'm in love~ I'm also having a birthday party but instead of it being last weekend (because it was booked) I'm having it this weekend at the same restaraunt from last year since there's a whole second level we get for ourselves. I hope it'll be fun as I cut down the number of people from last year (40+ down to 20ish)!

AND OBVIOUSLY I STILL LOVE UTAPRI. And obviously Tokiya is still my bias. But Otoya is coming in at second, and I really love the Tokiya/Otoya pairing/friendship/whatever they got going on. IDK why, but I do. AND SPEAKING OF PAIRINGS, Sekaiichi Hatsukoi has started up again! I'm so happy 'cause everyone needs more Takano amirite. That, Bakuman S2, and Chiayafuru are the only shows I'm keeping up with right now in terms of watching it the day they're released. I have a bunch of other new shows bookmarked for watching (as well as episode from last season's shows that I need to finish) but I'm just not in the mood to right now. If someone were to convince me that one of the new shows was amazing though, I might start watching it xD

In TCG news, Drawings is coming along pretty well! There are so many bumps that I have to fix with it being my first time doing a website TCG w/forum and all that coding is making me go insane, I think. I'm also thinking of opening another TCG (possibly a mini TCG depending on the interest/time/ideas/etc.) because I'm clearly crazy and kind of addicted to dramas lately. Which means that this TCG's focus would be Asian dramas/movies (this could also include anime movies since they're Asian)/things related. But I don't know if it's worth it, and right now I'm looking for someone to bounce ideas off. If I do decide to do it though, I'll definitely need someone helping with image gathering/screen capping and possibly making decks so if anyone's interested, let me know and I'll keep you posted if I go through with this or not! and if anyone's interested for this TCG in general, do also let me know because then I know I'll have some people joining should I do it. And if you have friends who would be interested, let them know to let me know that they are! c:

and with that, I will stop here for now because I think this is becoming another tl;dr post which I see that I always do. sorry guys OTL I do appreciate anyone who read through the whole thing though♥♥

AND I ALMOST FORGOT. Come by my Holidays Request post (just click the big text below)! I'll love you if you do!!


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Holiday Requests 2011


stolen idea from nonchatte c:

a day, a fandom or a pairing and I will do something for you, to be posted on the day you claimed. Any fandom you know I'm familiar with is fair game, though I reserve the right to ask for a different fandom if I'm not really into it! or you can provide me pictures and I'll probably do it

Right now, I can only do: icons/headers/banners/any type of graphics, gifs, POSSIBLY manga colouring, and anything else you want me to TRY because I can't promise it'll be good xD

My fandoms includes a lot of things, so if we're friends you probably already know some of the fandoms I'm in to. If not, and you're a passerby or s/t then check out my Profile to get an idea of what I like or just straight up ask me & I'll let you know! Again, I'm willing to make whatever if you provide pictures as well, so keep that in mind~

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Hope to see some requests!♥
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oh god school why (and other things)

School's not fun. Aside from hanging out with friends, classes kill me. Especially since I'm now in my last year, I have to get better grades in order to get into post-secondary school except I'm not even sure what I want to do since it's always changing!

To be honest, I've always wanted to be a singer/performer that has concerts but uh, my singing isn't the greatest..... and it doesn't help that I have like, not motivation when it comes to anything so I didn't even motivate myself to take lessons a part from Vocal class at my school which I dropped in order to finish some other required classes. I then considered going into Graphic Designing since I really like that, but graphic designing as a job is more geared towards posters and promotion, isn't it? I like making graphics of icons, layouts, TCG things, etc. of my favourite anime/manga series and coding can be fun too. I wouldn't mind doing what I'm doing now as a job but that's not possible is it?

GOD THIS POST IS SO DEPRESSING. CAN I JUST MARRY SOMEBODY RICH AND DO WHATEVER THE CRAP I WANT?! I'm even down for living with my parents for the rest of my life right now................... like I'm just so unmotivated to do anything >.>

On another side, I've also considered opening an Asian strip mall consisting of: a Noodle Shop, a Bubble Tea shop, a Karaoke bar, a Korean BBQ Restaurant, an Internet Cafe, and one of those really cute stores that sells a lot of random novelty asian things??? That'd be pretty cool, not going to lie. And I've seriously considered this, people. I have a little to much time on my hands

In other non-depressing news, I am SO SO SO close to finishing up Drawings! Too bad Adobe/Photoshop is being a jerk to me and doesn't want to work properly. Why does this have to happen at such a crucial time?! I want to get this TCG open and running because I have a lot of ideas + events to implement but damn, Photoshop's really trolling me ;______;

I'm also working on the side on some other side projects, but they aren't really a priority and more of things I work on leisurely whenever I have time and am in the mood. But I am excited about them!

I wish I had some Anime/Manga news to talk about but uh, nothing is coming up right now. My anime-watching life has come to a standstill since Uta no Prince-sama and Ao no Exorcist ended as I haven't been TOO pulled into any of the new shows and I haven't caught up in any of the shows I've already started/plan to watch. The only show I watch when new episodes are out as Chihayafuru because it has pretty art and Miyano Mamoru♥ But I do want to check out some other new shows this season since a lot of them looking interesting!

I also got my brother into Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica and he finished watching that in a couple of days. I watched it with him and I still cried even though I already knew what was going to happen from watching in the first time. I mean, MAMI WHHHHHYYYYYYY T_T

OH does anyone know how to convince my mom to let me buy things online? I really want to but a Starry*Sky ~In Sweets~ figure of Yoh but my mom doesn't want to pay $30 for it (shipping, the figure, etc.) and neither her or myself know how to work Paypal. Also, how do you buy things from Japanese sites? I want to buy the utapri voice book but IDK how it works; is it like a regular online store except it costs more to ship from Japan to Canada (if they even ship there) or what? I'M SO CONFUSED. I JUST WANT TO BUY SOME THINGS! It's not even a lot :(

And to wrap things up, my birthday is in a few weeks!!! I'm turning 17 and I'm having a party at a bowling alley with an arcade, bumper cars, and food? It sounds kind of childish but man, I really love that stuff. Not that I'm not great at bowling but y'know............. SO THAT'S IT FOR NOW! How'd ya'll like me jumping around everywhere? Is anyone even reading? I don't know!

BUUUUT, follow me on twitter @moonpillows and on tumblr under the same name, por favor!♥
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shockingly enough no memes were used in the making of this post.

Just me being bored and feel like blogging! If I have anything to blog about that is since Uta no Prince-sama is over. Just like my life SOB but that ending was so shoujo I just don't even. There were some heavy implications that it would've ended up as Tokiya/Haruka though if she didn't choose the harem route? I mean, he got the longest scene with her at the end when they were about to go on stage, right? or maybe it's just wishful thinking /shot

ALSO THE FULL VERSION OF MAJI LOVE 1000%!!!!! I mean, even though I've been listening to it since the single was released, it's always more fun to hear the song while watching the anime. Especially in this case with that ~fabulous~ performance. I even downloaded for screencapping and re-watch purposes orz

In other news, I've run out of J-dramas to watch. I recently finished Ikemen Desu Ne and I really liked it. I tried watching some other ones that were recommended, but they weren't keeping my interest so I've dropped them for now. Maybe I will pick them up again later but right now, this might be the end of my drama run? Unless someone wants to suggest some. I've already watched (and loved) Hana Kimi and Hana Yori Dango in addition to the one I just mentioned, and I'm currently in the process of watching Ouran High School Host Club as episodes get subbed so any suggestions would be nice! :)

But there are a few fall anime I've started watching! Namely Bakuman Season 2. I really like that series, and I've been meaning to finish catching up in the manga but I might do that after this season is over. also, finish watching the first episode lmao BUT WHY IS AO NO EXORCIST OVER, GUYS??? To be honest, I didn't like the ending that much but I did enjoy the show overall and all those not-so-subtle bromances so I'm sad it's over. The way they ended it though is like they're planning a second season? Since it's not like it can be continued through the manga since everyone keeps saying they went on a completely different track. I still have to catch up on that manga too orz

AND IN SCHOOL NEWS, I've dropped my World History course for a Art Portfolio course since history was never a strong subject or a subject I enjoyed, and I'm trying to get into a Fashion Communication program which requires a portfolio so this class will come in handy for that. Except, I'm three weeks behind the class since I just started today and I'm too lazy to start the first unit which is a self portrait. But I did buy a sketchbook and a set of like, 12 different types of pencils + pencil crayons to motivate me so hopefully I'm able to start that soon or I will be D E A D. If I don't die from the recent coldness that has hit us. I MEAN WHAT EVEN IS THE WEATHER ANYMORE?

In TCG news, the TCG I'm working on is close to being done! All that's really left to do is finish up the requested decks (I think I'm making up to 30 and then saving the rest for actual updates depending on time and motivation since I have more deck donations that the original goal) and finish coding the games. Also, plan + organize a Pre Join event and then a Grand Opening event... and some other stuff that is small and manageable, I think........... either way, I'm getting excited for this TCG and am probably aiming to opening it by mid-end of Fall? We'll see~! Except, now I kind of want to go back to a livejournal TCG because just thinking about the work and time I had to put in to code those website games makes my head hurt. But at the same time, I don't want that work to go to waste? And I know there's two different crowds for LJ and Website TCGs so UGH CONFUSING THOUGHTS EVERYWHERE!!! I want to do another TCG but I have no ideas for it, I'm not sure if I can do 2 TCGs, etc. etc. but it's so tempting ;______; anyone want to join up with me? l m a o

And somehow this ended up being really long? I applaud anyone that actually read through this, so if you did please know that I love you a lot for putting up with all that. SO HAVE SOME HEARTS FROM REN AND TOKIYA WHILE I GO MAKE SOME MORE DECKS~

look at those sexy bishies!!
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Yay for MORE Memes!

Today's meme is an ICON meme! We're only allowed to use userpics so this will be limited considering I only have 15 Userpic spaces xD

Also, in a few weeks or month, these images might become broken since I just direct-linked them off my profile because I was too lazy to re-upload them somewhere else... so if that ever happens, and anyone sees it let me know so I can do a new one :)

So here we go~
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IF YOU COULD BUY SPACE FOR MORE, WOULD YOU: Obviously! But I'm not allowed to spend money online without my parent's permission and I have no credit card so.....
DO YOUR ICONS MAKE A STATEMENT: Uh, possibly? I'm always changing them and my icons are usually just icons I find cute or pretty.
WHAT FANDOM DO YOU HAVE THE MOST ICONS OF: Uta no Prince-sama lmfao. This'll probably change but right now, that's what it is! obvious me is obvious
AND THE SECOND MOST: I always have at least one Barajou no Kiss icon, so I'll say Barajou no Kiss even though there's only one right now..
ARE YOUR ICONS MADE MOSTLY BY OTHER PEOPLE: It's always a mixture; sometimes there are more icons by me and other time there are more by others.
ARE THEY ANY GOOD: I would hope so....

And if you want to do the meme, try this code:
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I bring another meme!!

But I promise I have other things to talk about too! :)

The problem with LJ and DW: we all think we are so close, but really, we know nothing about each other. So I want you to ask me something you think you should know about me. Something that should be obvious, but you have no idea about. Ask away.

Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

J-DRAMA: So lately, I've been really into Japanese Dramas/Live Actions! It all started with the live action for Ouran High School Host Club but from there, I watched the first Hana Kimi drama (which I also thought was awesome) and now, I'm watching Hana Yori Dango! I also watched an episode of Tumbling but o m g that was dramatic and intense for the first episode!!! I'll probably only watch that drama when I'm in the ~dramatic~ mood lmao. And I think I already have some actors that I like? I can barely remember their names though but they're pretty much main characters in the dramas I've watched so far xD

FANDOMS: OMG has anyone watched the latest Ao no Exorcist episodes? If you have, DOES ANYONE WANT TO CRY WITH ME FOR RIN AND YUKIO??? like, that was just sad. SAD, I TELL YOU!! And un UTAPRI news, are the guys not ultimate trolls? First Ittoki, and now Tokiya. I mean who says "Haruka, I love..... the music you make."?!

Also, I just came across this beautiful ouran picture on my tumblr, and I laughed. Again. Because it's the not the first time I've seen this XD

TCG THINGS: If I haven't told you guys/if you haven't found it yet, I have my TCG opening for donations right now! It's not officially open for Pre Join or the Grand Opening, but I have it opened for deck donations since I REALLY need those since I don't want to spam the TCG with series of just my favourites which 95% are shoujo ok So if you're interested, please visit it HERE! It's called Drawings, and well, you can find out more about if you check it out ;)

FOOD FUN: I actually just got back from this event in my city's local art gallery where all these different restaurants (I think 12?) from the area came and let everyone try their food. They were really generous with their portions, and THEY WERE ALL SO GOOD. I've really come to love and appreciate food more than I already did. And I also saw this guy I thought was kind of cute? We happened to be near each other a lot since we got there at the same time, and went in the same direction to get food.... how that happened, I'm not sure myself :|

SCHOOL: Oh, school you're already killing me! Every day, I bring home this heavy ass text book thinking I'm going to do homework but then I get on the computer to check a few things, and end up staying on it until I go to bed? It's really bad. I also happened to have a slight cold so that's not making me want to do work anymore than I didn't already want to. And I'm tired ;________;

I also have to try harder in school this year to get better grades so I can get scholarships for Universities. I have to start applying for schools, applying for money grants, and everything else that you have to do for prep. Luckily, the course requirements for the program I want to go into doesn't required anything besides English and Math which I was already taking anyways. BUT I SUCK AT ENGLISH & MATH, GUYS. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN?!?!?!?!?!

Annnnd to finish things off, a anime challenge-type thing! Collapse )

And that's it for now! Too da looo~♥